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Bobcats in Baseball

Minor-league seasons wrapping up
for former Texas State players

Just a few games remain for the former Texas State baseball players in baseball’s minor leagues, and several are finishing up stellar years.


With three games left in the regular season, former Southland Conference hitter of the year Paul Goldschmidt leads the Class A California League in home runs (33), doubles (39), total bases (299), slugging percentage (.596) and on-base-plus-slugging (.973). He also has reached 100 RBI, an impressive total in 131 games and good for second in the league.

Click here for a feature about the slugger from Goldschmidt is in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ farm system.

Matt Miller ranks sixth in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League in hitting (.324) and is third in hits (154) and fourth on on-base percentage (.406). Miller plays for Colorado Springs, the Colorado Rockies’ affiliate.


Pitcher Mike Hart was promoted from the Oakland Athletics’ low-Class A Vancouver affiliate to high-Class A Stockton midway through the season. In six games in the California League, he is 2-0 with a 1.86 earned-run average. Overall, he is 3-1 with a stellar 1.06 ERA.

Kane Holbrooks, who also was promoted to high-Class A during the season, is 8-6 overall with a 1.96 ERA, including 3-3 with a 2.32 ERA for Fort Myers in the Minnesota Twins’ farm system.



More Electrical Outages

Short electrical outages
planned for Sept. 10

This message went out via campus e-mail on Tuesday:

Facilities at Texas State is planning electrical outages for Saturday, Sept. 10 from 6-7 a.m. The procedures are for maintenance work and will require certain main campus buildings to experience a three-second outage. Buildings affected:

Aqua Sports
East Chill Plant
Flowers Hall
Freeman Aquatic
Hill House
Old Boiler Plant
Physical Plant

Building occupants are encouraged to contact Mike Krouse at 245-9171, or Dennis Taylor at 245-2145, with any questions and/or concerns regarding these brief outages. Facilities very much appreciates your feedback and will make every effort to respond and accommodate your concerns.

Facilities apologizes for any inconveniences these electrical outages may cause. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these necessary preventative maintenance operations.

The Texas State Flickr Photostream

Texas State Flickr page opens
with a campus photo contest

To officially launch the new Texas State Flickr photostream, we’re asking you, the Bobcat Public, to send us your best back-to-school pictures.

We’ll choose 10 to post on the site this Thursday. Be sure to include your name and any caption info, and e-mail them to

If your photo is one of the lucky 10, you’ll get a Texas State pennant, as pictured on the Flickr page. The deadline is 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.

Ten photographers will choose between the Texas State star and the SuperCat pennants.

Electrical outages

Sporadic electrical outages
possible on campus Saturday

University News Service

The Texas State Facilities Department is working with the City of San Marcos Electrical Utilities preparing to re-route the Hilltop Electrical Service Feed to the Co-Generation Plant.

On Saturday from 6 a.m. until about 11 a.m., there will be very short periods (a few seconds at a time) of electrical service outages to multiple buildings on campus. In the event of heavy rain, or other unforeseen delays, the work and outages will be rescheduled for Sunday starting at 6 a.m.

The following buildings may be affected by these brief power outages:

Arnold Hall
Academic Services Building., North and South
Burleson Hall
Butler Hall
College Inn
Evans Auditorium
Falls Hall
Health Professions Building
Hornsby Hall, Math/Computer Science
Matthews Street Garage
Mitte Complex
San Marcos Hall
Smith Hall
Supple Science
Theatre Center

Buildings and/or building systems that require generators have been identified, and generators will be placed into use in advance of the outage. It is recommended that those individuals, or departments with sensitive electronic systems shut them down in an orderly manner before the event, then restart once stability returns.

The Facilities Department apologizes for any inconveniences these electrical outages may cause. A detailed plan by the hour is currently assembled and is being reviewed by the Facilities Department during the weekly coordination meetings being held at the Physical Plant Building every Thursday until the electrical work is completed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Chuck Teichner at 245-2202, or Guillermo Nieri at 245-6198, with any questions, or concerns, regarding these outages.

Facilities Department appreciates your feedback and will make every effort to accommodate your concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these necessary electrical operations.

Construction at Texas State

Work continues on master plan
for Texas State campus

Here’s the text of an e-mail sent out Monday from Coyle Buhler, Director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction at Texas State, about ongoing projects on campus:

Welcome back to campus. Texas State continues to implement our Campus Master Plan which results in new buildings, renovated buildings, and improved infrastructure and landscape. However, along with progress comes road closures, detoured pedestrian routes, noise and dust. We understand these inconveniences can be trying at times, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The following is a list of major projects recently completed or in the design or construction phase. To read about an individual project, just click on the project name below. For a full report of all projects, click here.

If you have questions about any one project, email the office and the individual most knowledgeable of the project will respond.

Bobcat Stadium North End Zone Expansion
Bobcat Stadium Track Relocation
Family & Consumer Sciences Addition
Department of Housing & Residential Life Office Building
Lampasas Renovation
Matthews Street Garage
Mitte Clean Room Renovation
Multipurpose Education Facility
North Campus Housing Complex
Performing Arts Center Complex Music Recital Hall and Theatre Center
Performing Arts Center Complex Parking Garage
Performing Arts Center Complex Chilled Water Central Plant
Streets and Grounds Improvements
Research and Commercialization Center
Research Greenhouse
RRHEC Nursing Building
Tomas Rivera Drive Relocation and Student Center Drive Realignment
Undergraduate Academic Center

Click on the images below for a look at the location for the Performing Arts Center Complex, and for renderings of the North Campus Housing Project and the Undergraduate Academic Center:

Bird's eye view of the new performing arts center

Artist's rendering of the north campus housing project

The Undergraduate Academic Center

LBJ’s birthday: Links

Websites provide in-depth look
at legacy of Lyndon Johnson

As promised earlier. here are some links to information and history on President Lyndon B. Johnson:

The LBJ Library and Museum

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historical Site

The LBJ Museum of San Marcos

LBJ on

Biography from the White House website

Multimedia from the “American Experience” series on PBS

Multimedia resources from the Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia

LBJ’s birthday: Video

Videos feature profiles, words
of President Lyndon Baines Johnson

We have compiled some of the many videos on YouTube about Texas State’s most famous graduate, President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Click below to see the playlist on the Texas State University YouTube channel:

The LBJ playlist.

Included is a brief documentary about LBJ, compiled with news footage from CBS. It opens with former Texas Gov. John Connally and also includes CBS newsmen Walter Cronkite and Eric Sevareid:

LBJ’s birthday: Quotes

Notable quotes from Lyndon Johnson,
Texas State’s most famous graduate

Lyndon Baines Johnson, class of 1930.

Today marks the 102nd anniversary of the birth of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, from our class of 1930.

We are presenting a series of posts here and in our social media (Twitter and Facebook) as a commemoration. We also will post a series of LBJ-related links, with more information about the only president to graduate from a university in Texas.

The first in the series is a set of notable quotes from speeches made by Johnson, both before and after he became president of the United States in 1963.

Remarks at Gettysburg, Pa., on civil rights

May 30, 1963

Until justice is blind to color, until education is unaware of race, until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of men’s skins, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact. To the extent that the proclamation of emancipation is not fulfilled in fact, to that extent we shall have fallen short of assuring freedom to the free.

Address to a joint session of Congress

March 15, 1965

Somehow you never forget what poverty and hatred can do when you see its scars on the hopeful face of a young child. I never thought then, in 1928, that I would be standing here in 1965. It never even occurred to me in my fondest dreams that I might have the chance to help the sons and daughters of those students and to help people like them all over this country. But now I do have that chance — and I’ll let you in on a secret — I mean to use it.

My first job after college was as a teacher in Cotulla, Texas, in a small Mexican-American school. Few of them could speak English and I couldn’t speak much Spanish. My students were poor and they often came to class without breakfast and hungry. And they knew even in their youth the pain of prejudice. They never seemed to know why people disliked them, but they knew it was so because I saw it in their eyes.

Remarks at the University of Michigan

May 22, 1964

The Great Society is a place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents. It is a place where leisure is a welcome chance to build and reflect, not a feared cause of boredom and restlessness. It is a place where the city of man serves not only the needs of the body and the demands of commerce but the desire for beauty and the hunger for community. It is a place where man can renew contact with nature.

Remarks upon signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964

July 2, 1964

We believe that all men are created equal. Yet many are denied equal treatment. We believe that all men have certain unalienable rights. Yet many Americans do not enjoy those rights. We believe that all men are entitled to the blessings of liberty. Yet millions are being deprived of those blessings — not because of their own failures, but because of the color of their skin.

State of the Union

January 4, 1965

We must make a massive effort to save the countryside and to establish — as a green legacy for tomorrow — more large and small parks, more seashores and open spaces than have been created during any other period in our national history.

Remarks at the Howard University Commencement

June 4, 1965

So, it is the glorious opportunity of this generation to end the one huge wrong of the American Nation and, in so doing, to find America for ourselves, with the same immense thrill of discovery which gripped those who first began to realize that here, at last, was a home for freedom.

Address to Congress

February 10, 1966

Hunger poisons the mind. It saps the body. It destroys hope. It is the natural enemy of every man on earth. I propose that the United States lead the world in a war against hunger..

Inaugural Address

January 20, 1965

We have discovered that every child who learns, and every man who finds work, and every sick body that is made whole — like a candle added to an altar — brightens the hope of all the faithful.

Ours is a time of change — rapid and fantastic change–bearing the secrets of nature, multiplying the nations, placing in uncertain hands new weapons for mastery and destruction, shaking old values and uprooting old ways.

Voting Rights Address to Congress

March 15, 1965

Rarely in any time does an issue lay bare the secret heart of America itself. Rarely are we met with a challenge, not to our growth or abundance, our welfare or our security, but rather to the values and the purposes and the meaning of our beloved Nation.

To deny a man his hopes because of his color or race or his religion or the place of his birth is not only to do injustice, it is to deny Americans and to dishonor the dead who gave their lives for American freedom. Our fathers believed that if this noble view of the rights of man was to flourish it must be rooted in democracy.

Many of the issues of civil rights are very complex and most difficult. But about this there can and should be no argument: every American citizen must have an equal right to vote. There is no reason which can excuse the denial of that right. There is no duty which weighs more heavily on us than the duty we have to insure that right.

This is one nation. Let each of us look within our own hearts and our own communities and let each of us put our shoulder to the wheel to root out injustice wherever it exists.

I want to be the president who educated young children to the wonders of their world. I want to be the President who helped to feed the hungry and to prepare them to be taxpayers instead of tax eaters. I want to be the President who helped the poor to find their own way and who protected the right of every citizen to vote in every election.

Trenching in parking lots

Campus trenching work
scheduled for September

The Office of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction at Texas State has scheduled archeological excavation trenching and post-trenching pavement repairs on the weekends of Sept. 11, 18, and 25.

Various parking lot spaces at Sterry Hall, Falls Hall, Butler Hall, and Moon Street will be closed for a specific weekend during the trenching project. Here is the schedule:

Sterry Hall – Saturday, Sept. 11, 7 a.m. to Sunday, Sept. 12, 6 p.m.
Falls Hall – Saturday, Sept. 18, 7 a.m. to Sunday, Sept. 19, 6 pm
Butler Hall/Moon Street – Saturday, Sept. 25, 7 a.m. to Sunday, Sept. 26, 6 p.m.

This archeological trenching is in preparation for the construction of the new Performing Arts Center Complex. Driving access through the parking lots will not be affected by the closed parking spaces.

OFPDC apologizes for any inconvenience this pre-construction procedure may cause. We encourage you to contact Bill Tomlinson, Project Manager, at 245.1737, or OFPDC at 245.2202, with any questions and concerns regarding these parking space closures. Your feedback is appreciated, and OFPDC will make every effort to accommodate your concerns.

Graduation Rates

Texas State ranks among leaders
in large schools’ graduation rates

Texas State ranks fourth among the state’s 10 largest public universities in the graduation rate for students who enrolled in fall 2003 and who graduated from the same university where they initially enrolled.

The statistics are compiled by the Texas Higher Education Board. The six-year graduation report can be downloaded as a spreadsheet from the Coordinating Board’s website here.

The statewide graduation rate for the 2003 group was 47.3 percent.

Here’s a table of the graduation rates for the state’s 10 largest public institutions: