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Spotlight: Jaime Chahin

Texas State’s Chahin to be honored
as Texas A&M Distinguished Alum

By Texas A&M University-Kingsville Alumni Affairs

A photo of Dr. Jaime Chahin

Dr. Jaime Chahin

KINGSVILLE — Three alumni of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, including Texas State dean Jaime Chahin, will be honored Oct. 22 when the Javelina Alumni Association hosts its annual Distinguished Alumni luncheon at the Grand Ballrooms in the Memorial Student Union Building.

The recipients of the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award are:

Faculty: Randall Reid

From flea market to fine art:
Professor gives new life to relics

By Billi London-Gray

Randall Reid is an alchemist. His ability to turn base metals into gold has been showcased in galleries, museums, offices and embassies stretching across the globe from San Marcos to Kuwait.

The Texas State University art professor specializes in deconstructing antique found objects — like oil cans, rulers, rakes and signs — to create new works of art. Collecting objects from flea markets, garage sales, antique stores and junk shops, Reid transforms them into minimalist masterpieces.

“My work reflects the process of aging, in that the chance and random circumstances involved in its creation are closely correlated with the physicality of growth and decay,” Reid says. “By combining raw and well-worn materials, I seek to give visual form to our relationships with the past.”

Currently on faculty development leave, Reid is working in his on-campus studio creating pieces for his upcoming solo exhibition, “Evidence of a Society,” which will be held on campus in the fall 2012 semester. In the more immediate future, his work will be on display in two upcoming events in San Marcos’ neighboring metropolises. Continue reading

Faculty: Butch Miles

Legendary jazz musician marches
to the beat of his own drum

Butch Miles, a world-renowned jazz musician and professor at Texas State University, has brought big band to the big time. Playing on major stages around the world with music legends, he continues to gain recognition for his accomplishments in the world of jazz.

Miles, who teaches jazz drum set at Texas State, has had an expansive career as a drummer. Known best for his work with the world-famous Count Basie Orchestra, Miles has become a legend of his own with his notable swing style and big-band techniques.

Continue reading

Faculty: Audwin Anderson

Sociology professor featured in film
about African-Americans in surfing

Dr. Audwin Anderson

By Billi London-Gray

Dr. Audwin Anderson has spent his career exploring the complexities of human interactions. As a professor and graduate advisor at Texas State University specializing in the sociology of law, his research usually focuses on subjects like jury service, social justice and social power within the criminal justice system. But in a new documentary, he sails into another area of academic interest: sports history.

Whitewash is filmmaker Ted Woods’ examination of the history and contributions of African-Americans in the world of surfing. In the film, Anderson provides commentary on the history of African-Americans in sports. Continue reading

Faculty: Jack Ransone

Ransone shares thoughts on work
with Spurs, balance in academics

Dr. Jack Ransone, a professor and alum of Texas State University, has had a broad career as an athletic trainer for athletes and teams worldwide. In addition to his university role, he is the medical coordinator for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.

Ransone, the director of the athletic training program at Texas State since 2003, has worked with national teams at sporting events worldwide, including the U.S. National Wrestling Team’s Tour of Europe in 2002; the 2003 Pan American Games; the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece; the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, after which he earned the prestigious Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award from the National Trainers’ Association (NATA); the 2009 World Cross Country competition in Mombasa, Kenya; and the 2009 World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Osaka, Japan.

In a recent interview with British sports news website The Leader, Ransone discusses the balance of his academic role with the hands-on analysis in his work with the Spurs. Here’s a few excerpts from the interview: Continue reading

Spotlight: 2011 Distinguished Professors

President Trauth Announces
2011 Distinguished Professors

Dr. Frank de la Teja

Denise Trauth, president of Texas State University, announced the recipients of the 2011 University Distinguished Professor award on July 12.

Dr. Frank de la Teja, a professor in the Department of History, and Dr. Robert Gorman, a professor in the Department of Political Science, were selected for the award. Continue reading

Faculty: Jaime Chahin

Texas State dean shares insights
with Nicaraguan universities

Dr. Jaime Chahin

By Billi London-Gray

Jaime Chahin, the dean of the College of Applied Arts at Texas State University, specializes in creating educational opportunities. His efforts — ranging from promoting the literacy aims of the Tomás Rivera Children’s Book Award to establishing the Center for Migrant Education at Texas State, which helps the children of migrant workers — have helped thousands pursue their educational goals. This month, Chahin visited Nicaragua, where he shared his insights about improving higher education with colleagues at universities. Continue reading

Faculty: Mike Osborne

‘Press Pictures’ photo series
takes printing off the page

Click to view images from 'Press Pictures.'

By Catherine Harper

Paper, metal and ink: These basic elements of printing presses may not seem to hold much meaning or visual allure. But with an artistic eye, the machines come alive with color and form through their role of delivering information to newsrooms and people worldwide.

Press Pictures” by Mike Osborne, a lecturer in photography at the Texas State University School of Art and Design, is a photo series that tells a story about the modern printing press. Far from Gutenberg’s original printing press, the machines and news rooms featured in Osborne’s photo series are a visual landscape of history with modern technology. Continue reading

Spotlight: Austin Critics Table Winners

Texas State artists win five
Austin Critics Table Awards

All Shook Up premiered at Texas State in 2010.

At a ceremony Monday night at the Cap City Comedy Club, Texas State faculty members, staff and guest artists received five Austin Critics Table Awards out of 13 nominations.

The awards, presented by art critics from the Austin American-Statesman and the Austin Chronicle, recognize achievements in dance, classical music, the visual arts and theater. In its 16th year, the 2011 Austin Critics Table awards shone the spotlight on events that took place between May 1, 2010 and April 30, 2011. Continue reading

Texas State Updates: Medical Care

New study proposes strategy
for improving medical care

Dr. Kelly Haskard-Zolnierek

Research done by a team that included Kelly Haskard-Zolnierek, an assistant professor in the Texas State Department of Psychology, has developed a strategy that can help patients stick to their prescribed medicines, achieving better long-term results.

Haskard-Zolnierek worked with researchers from the University of California, Riverside, and La Sierra University in Riverside on the Information-Motivation-Strategy model. The three-pronged approach was developed after analysis of findings from more than 100 large-scale studies and meta-analyses conducted between 1948 and 2009.

A report on the model appears in the journal Health Psychology Review. Continue reading