Bobcat Faces: Lara Crouch

Senior found her place
with Hip Hop Congress

Lara Crouch

Lara Crouch doesn’t aspire to be a rapper, unless you count her self-dubbed “cheesy” raps done for class.

But that hasn’t kept her out of a role with the Hip Hop Congress at Texas State.

“You don’t have to rap to join — I don’t — but I enjoy the hip-hop culture,” says the senior from San Antonio’s Roosevelt High School. “The Hip Hop Congress is diverse, and every member brings something different to the table to help ‘edu-tain’ — educate and entertain — the community.”

Her involvement with the organization even extends to a leadership role, as the senior serves as its vice president of community relations.

“The HHC taught me to be a leader,” she says.

Her interest in the subject led to one of her favorite academic experiences in San Marcos, as the mass communication major took the mini-session English course “Hip Hop Literacy” with Dr. Octavio Pimentel.

“The class talked about the elements of hip-hop, we wrote cheesy raps about the impact of hip-hop on American culture and we researched the important events and people in hip-hop,” she says.

Crouch will graduate this spring, and her experience with hip-hop played a big role in her education: She will graduate with a minor in diversity studies.

She encourages future students to do what she did: Get involved, take advantage of every opportunity to learn from your professors and go hear as many of the guest speakers on campus as possible.

And her favorite place in San Marcos for fun? The Square.

“If you don’t find fun there,” she says, with just a hint of the rapper’s sense of word play, “then you’re a square.”

Hip Hop Congress at Texas State

One response to “Bobcat Faces: Lara Crouch

  1. Dr. Sherri Benn

    Lara is an amazing student leader. No only does she serve in a leadership role in HHC, she has also been a mentor to San Marcos High School students for the past 3 years. She walks her talk and never misses a beat. Dr. B

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