Bobcat Faces: Pablo Saenz

Psychology major discovers people
make the difference at Texas State

Pablo Saenz

It wasn’t the river that sold Pablo Saenz on Texas State. Or the scenic campus. Or the location in the heart of Texas.

It was the people.

“I visited a lot of different schools, and they were all good but not great,” says the senior from El Paso. “When I came to Texas State, the people were exceptional. I also was surprised to see such a diverse group of people. Texas State was just great.”

Saenz, a dean’s list scholar who will graduate cum laude with a degree in psychology this spring, said picking a major was easy for someone who likes a wide range of people.

“By understanding people and answering the ‘why’ questions of society, we all can work toward creating a better and warmer world for our children,” he says.

He’s planning on going to graduate school next, with long-term plans for a doctorate in clinical psychology, and either going into private practice or research.

“I chose psychology because it’s a field of study that never seems to have a dull moment,” he says. “Everything about the career excites me and motivates me to apply myself.”

And while he’s stayed busy with school, there also has been time for his favorite pastime: soccer. He says his favorite spot on campus is the West Campus fields, where there’s always a pick-up game going on, and he was the captain of his intramural soccer team.

He also has made it a point to enjoy the diversity that attracted him to campus in the first place.

“The most important thing I learned at Texas State is that we are all unique and different, not for the worst but for the better,” he says. “You cannot judge people based on their appearance or associations. Get to know them and I guarantee you will find something special in everyone.”

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Psychology

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