Bobcat Faces: Chris Haywood

Exercise and sports science major
takes career path seriously

Chris Haywood

Chris Haywood came to Texas State because he wanted to pursue his bliss: health and fitness.

And as a result, he is scheduled to graduate this summer with a bachelor’s in exercise and sports science, with the career goal of serving as a strength coach for a professional sports team and eventually opening up his own human performance facility.

“Exercise sports science came easy to me, and I enjoy learning new things about an always-changing field,” he says.

His dedication to the subject goes beyond the classroom. He is up every day at 4:30 a.m. to work out, and he has made it a point to expand his knowledge of his chosen field.

“You can’t base your qualifications strictly on your bachelor’s degree,” says the graduate of Pflugerville’s Connally High School. “You must actively pursue formal and personal education. The combination will make you a valuable asset in the workplace.”

Continuing to challenge yourself also requires some knowledge of yourself, he says.

“You need to know your study habits and plan your class schedule accordingly,” he says. “If you hate to study late at night, like me, it’s OK to schedule a large break during the day to study.”

Haywood also has made time to serve as the president of his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, and participate in the Black Men United and the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He also was the winner of the MLK Day Poetry Contest, and he has earned the LBJ Achievement Scholarship and Cecil Mayo Scholarship.

“Texas State is a good school, but only as good as you make it,” he says. “To get the most out of your experience, you should be proactive and mold yourself into a valuable young professional.”

College of Education
Department of Health and Human Performance
Exercise and Sports Science

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