Bobcat Faces: Coty Raven Morris

Early decisions work out
for music education major

Coty Raven Morris

A lot of students go through high school wondering where they will go to college, and many of them put off the decision to the last possible moment.

Not Coty Raven Morris, though. She came to San Marcos for a choir camp the summer before her freshman year of high school and came away with a plan.

“When that camp was over and I thought about the fantastic music faculty that had taught me for the past week, the life long friends that I had made — and now have classes with — and the community of people that were in other areas of the campus, I knew that Texas State was the university for me,” says the junior, who graduated from Austin’s Anderson High School and is majoring in music education at Texas State.

Morris, who wants to teach music to middle school or high school students, calls music “the tool that I will use to make a difference in the world around me.” Thanks to her experience before her freshman year of high school, she also would like to run her own summer choral camp.

For now, though, she is expanding her horizons — she says she has tried to study in every building on campus — and enjoy the diverse atmosphere. That diversity is especially evident at what she calls her favorite spot on campus, the lobby of the Music Building.

“In other departments, the lobby serves as a calming community area where people can relax between classes,” she says. “In the music building, the lobby serves as the watering hole for what is the music building zoo; you never know what chaos may break out, what jam session may occur, or what random activity my spring up to once again shock the poor, unknowing Intro to Fine Arts students as they leave their classes.”

College of Fine Arts and Communication
School of Music

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