Bobcat Faces: Chris Schave

Texas State offers further opportunities
for a veteran to explore the world

Chris Schave

For international business major and former member of the Air Force Chris Schave, Texas State has provided a great way to learn business techniques as well as other cultures. “After being in the Air Force, I realized that I really enjoy traveling and working abroad. For me, immersing yourself in another culture is a wonderful experience, so international business was the right choice.

“The great thing about the international business program is that you don’t just study the business side of things. You study cultures and languages. I believe in being a well-rounded person, and this degree puts emphasis on that.”

Schave also has had the opportunity to go to both Rennes, France, and Florence, Italy, through Texas State’s study abroad program. He enjoyed his experience with Dr. Moira Di Mauro-Jackson, his favorite teacher. “She was my French 1420 professor and the advisor for the French Club. Last summer, I went on her study abroad to Florence, Italy, and had an amazing time. Dr. Jackson has a wealth of knowledge about so much. She was born in Italy and traveled around the world with her family. She speaks five languages. Going to her class made me want to improve my French.”

Dr. Jackson was not Schave’s only mentor on campus. Fellow student and veteran Clay Patterson saw potential in Schave to become a leader on campus. Patterson and Schave wanted to spread fellowship among other veterans. “Initially, I just wanted to go to go to my classes and do well, then graduate,” he says. But after Clay and I started organizing [a veterans group], this whole other side of university life opened up to me.”

Now Schave stays active. He is the president of the Veterans Alliance and former president and current public relations officer of Le Cercle Français, committee chair in Student Foundation and student member of the Veteran’s Advisory Board.

“I am learning a lot about leadership and perfecting that skill. I would like to be in charge of a company one day. Being a great leader is a necessity.”

Schave continues to learn not only what Texas State has to offer to him, but what he can offer to Texas State. “If you want to be somebody, you can. Texas State is small enough to make a difference. Texas State is a great school with so much to offer. Come here, get involved, graduate and give back!”

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Study Abroad Program

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