Bobcat Faces: Sam Samudio

Student from a small town finds
Texas State is just the right fit

Sam Samudio

Being from a very small town — Ganado — Sam Samudio was very happy to find a small-town atmosphere at Texas State.

“I chose Texas State because I felt like this was the perfect size university for me,” he explains, which may sound surprising as the university has more than 30,000 students. But it is testament to the fact that the university has maintained an intimate feeling, even in the midst of record-breaking growth.

The university’s size means that it has plenty of resources, and Samudio, a business management major, has learned to use those resources for his studies. He advises other students to do the same: “Take advantage of all the help that the university offers to you, like Student Learning Assistance Center.” He also suggests that students study early.

“It’s much easier to remember the material if you have already gone over it once or twice,” he says.

Samudio plans on making a career in construction management, with aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. “The things that I’m studying now will help me with the overall aspect of managing the people, projects and the overall business,” he explains. Upon graduation, Samudio will work on his construction project management certification.

With all the studying Samudio does, he has to find time to rest and hang out. Texas State offers him plenty of opportunities for downtime as well. “If I’m on campus and between classes,” he says, “I like to go to Boko’s Living Room and relax on the couch and watch TV or take a nap till my next class starts. I love to eat at The Lair. You have a nice variety of food, and you can go into George’s [named for alum George Strait] and watch the big screen or sit outside when it’s a nice day.”

Samudio believes those considering Texas State “would be making a great decision in choosing” the university. He says he’s had outstanding experiences, “such as meeting great friends, participating in awesome student organizations and just trying to absorb everything Texas State has to offer.”

For Samudio, Texas State offers just the right combination of opportunities for work and play that round out his education and set him on the road to future success.

McCoy College of Business Administration

Department of Management

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