Bobcat Faces: Robyn Ross

Education major learns that
there’s more to teaching, learning

Robyn Ross

“My goal is to have an effect not on one child, but many children’s lives,” says interdisciplinary studies major Robyn Ross. “I chose Texas State because I heard that they had a really good education program, and most of the teachers before college had attended the university. I love working with kids and helping them accomplish their goals,” she says, explaining why she chose to become an educator.

According to Ross, Dr. Kathleen Fite taught her that not just curriculum is involved in teaching others; connecting with students and mentorship are also part of the process. “She gave me tips on how to become more than just a successful teacher. She is very understanding, yet very professional,” Ross explains, “and I would recommend all education students to take her for classes.”

Ross carries the importance of mentorship and professional relationships in other areas in life. She is involved with many organizations on campus to share what others have shared with her. “Getting to know other students and our advisors is one of the best things about organizations. The organizations I am in try to promote unity within our community, which creates strong bonds and long-lasting friendships. The advisors show me resources that I can use around campus to become successful.”

Those resources are part of the experience of a Texas State education, to which Ross can attest. “This is a great school to attend because of the diverse population and many degree programs. There are many opportunities that help students become successful, not only in the classroom, but after college.”

College of Education

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