Texas State Faces: Hispanic graduation rates

Texas State moves up in listing
of Hispanics earning bachelor’s degrees

Texas State took a big jump in the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine’s rankings this week, going from 20th to 13th in the country in the number of Hispanics earning bachelor’s degrees.

The statistics, which are supplied to the journal by the U.S. Department of Education, ranked the top 100 institutions awarding bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees by the total number of graduates.

The report is available on a PDF at the magazine’s online site by opening the “In this Issue” directory, then clicking on the link to the article.

Of the 5,227 bachelor’s degrees awarded from Texas State last year, 1,102 (21 percent) went to Hispanics. Of the state’s five largest universities, only one had a higher percentage of Hispanic graduates than Texas State — the University of Houston, with 22 percent (a total of 1,071). The University of Texas-Pan American had the most Hispanic graduates, with 2,386 out of 2,660 total.

Florida International University led the national list with 3,555 Hispanic graduates, which was 63 percent of the school’s total.

Here are the Texas institutions that made the bachelor’s degree list, ranked by the total number of Hispanic graduates and including the percentage of Hispanics in the total: (Source: Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education)

And here are the state’s 10 largest universities, in order of total enrollment, and their numbers: (Sources: Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, universities)

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