Bobcat Faces: Nikki Adeleke

Texas State senior Adeleke is
happy with her chosen major

Nikki Adeleke

Nikki Adeleke, currently a senior at Texas State University, is more than passionate about the brain and human behaviors.

Adeleke is majoring in psychology with a minor in family and child development. After taking classes with Professor Robyn Rogers, she knew more than ever that she had chosen the right field of study.

“Taking her classes further reinforced why I want to become a therapist. She keeps her students engaged in her classes, and she is truly passionate about her work. I have learned so much,” says Adeleke.

Planning to own her own private practice after completing graduate school, Adeleke keeps active in learning about the many theories and psychological approaches in her field. “Learning these different theories and approaches helps me keep my goals of being a therapist intact,” says Adeleke.

As president of the Bobcat Leadership Board and a member of Support Student Services, Adeleke encourages other students to get involved with clubs and organizations.

“The best part is meeting new people and being involved in the San Marcos community,” says Adeleke, who has interned locally at Roxanne’s House, an advocacy center for abused children and with Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center Heart team, which advocates for sexual assault victims.

While on track to graduate in December of this year, Adeleke will remember her home away from home.

“I must say that being a student at Texas State University has enhanced my character and made me a more determined person.”

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Psychology

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