Bobcat Faces: Hannah Burson

Senior making a difference
one class at a time

Hannah Burson

“Each day can teach you something new if you let it,” said Hannah Burson, Texas State University senior.

Keeping an open mind and always yearning to learn something new, Burson firmly believes that there is always more in life to gain.

Aspiring to make a difference in this world, Texas State Senior Hannah Burson is pursuing a degree in psychology. “I’ve always wanted to help people,” said Burson. “Psychology helps you understand what is going on in your head, your emotions and why we act certain ways.”

Although not quite sure where her career path may lead her, Burson hopes to make counseling her full-time job. Not only is she interested in helping people, she also hopes to learn a little something about herself along the way.

Originally from Red Rock in Central, Texas, Burson’s decision to attend Texas State was heavily influenced by the beautiful campus and its size.

And Burson encourages every student to keep an open mind while searching for that perfect college campus, with the perfect atmosphere.

She thinks she’s found it.

“The best thing about Texas State University is the attitude on campus,” said Hannah Burson. “It’s so easy to keep a smile on your face.”

Department of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts

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