Bobcat Faces: Dawson Munoz

Organizations At Texas State:
Which one will you choose?

By Britney Munguia

Dawson Munoz is no stranger when it comes to participating in the many clubs and organizations at Texas State University.

Currently, Texas State has more than 200 active organizations on campus, ranging from special interest to sports clubs.

Munoz belongs to a number of organizations, including University Ambassadors, Financial Management Association, Student Management Investment Fund, Pi Kappa Phi and the Army National Guard.

“The best things about my organizations are how they each help me improve in different aspects,” Munoz says. “National Guard has helped me to mature, to stay motivated and has given me problem solving skills. University Ambassadors has helped with my oral communication and extending myself out to people.”

Munoz feels that by taking part in these organizations, they will help his future business ventures and social affairs.

“Getting involved in as much as possible makes the whole experience even more fulfilling,” Munoz says.

Munoz’s ultimate goal is to graduate with a finance degree and become an international entrepreneur.

In the summer of 2009, he was able to participate in a study abroad program offered by Texas State, traveling to Monterrey, Mexico where he visited several international companies and affirmed his passion in finance.

Study Abroad and Correspondence

University Ambassadors

Financial Management Association

Student Organizations

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