Electrical outages

Texas State Facilities plans
short electrical outages

The Texas State Facilities Department is working with the City of San Marcos Electrical Utilities preparing to re-route the Hilltop Electrical Service Feed to the Co-Generation Plant.

On Sept. 4, from 6 a.m. until approximately 10 a.m., there will be short periods (a few seconds at a time) of electrical service outages to multiple buildings on campus. In the event of heavy rain or other unforeseen delays, the work and outages will be rescheduled for Sept. 5 starting at 6 a.m.

The following buildings may be affected by these brief power outages:

Arnold Hall
Academic Services Building
Burleson Hall
Butler Hall
College Inn
Evans Auditorium
Falls Hall
Health Professions
Hornsby Hall
LBJ Student Center
Math/Computer Sciences
Matthews Street Garage
Mitte Complex
San Marcos Hall
Smith Hall
Supple Science
Theatre Center

Buildings and/or building systems that require generators are being identified and generators, if required, will be placed into use in advance of the outage. It is recommended that those individuals or departments with sensitive electronic systems shut them down in an orderly manner before the event; and, then restart once stability returns.

Facilities Department apologizes for any inconveniences these electrical outages may cause. A detailed plan by the hour is currently assembled and is being reviewed by the Facilities Department during the weekly coordination meetings being held at the Physical Plant Building every Thursday until the electrical work is completed.

Contact Chuck Teichner (245.2202) or Guillermo Nieri (245.6198) with any questions or concerns regarding these outages.

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