Bobcat Faces: Summer 2010

Texas State students Barnett, Edward
experience memorable summers

By Britney Munguia

Summer has come and gone all too quickly, but for two Texas State students, the memories won’t be as easily forgotten.

B Barnett, from her blog.

Senior B Barnett spent her summer traveling with fellow Bobcats to London, where she completed work for her minor in mass communications.

After finishing at the University of Westminster, Barnett and her fiancee, Scott Spencer, decided they weren’t ready to come home just yet. The two traveled from London to Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona in just two weeks.

“Our whole worlds changed as we traveled through the cultures, as well as when he proposed to me in Paris,” says Barnett. “The trip had to end, but these are memories I will hold onto for a lifetime.”

You can read all about her adventures on her blog.

While Barnett’s idea of summer fun was traveling across the country, Kingsly Edward had somewhere — and something — a little bit more intense in mind.

Edward traveled to Pamplona, Spain, to experience the festival of San Fermín, home of running with the bulls. Every year, from July 7-14, at precisely 8 a.m., the bulls begin their celebratory run through the city’s streets.

“It was definitely a rush of adrenaline to be running so close to the bull,” says Edward. “I didn’t get gored, but it was quite close.”

Unlike Barnett, Edward chose to experience the Pamplona bull running outside of his academic studies.

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