Alumni remember Texas State

As the university turns 107, one alumna tells us why she loves Texas State

By Leigh Ann Mitchell ’01

In 2000, I transferred to Southwest Texas State. This was my third college to attend. I spent my first two years at Sam Houston State and really did not feel it was the best place for me. I then transferred to Texas A&M at Galveston to study marine biology, but the school was too small to offer the classes I needed when I needed them. So I looked into Southwest Texas State. I researched their biology program and even made a campus visit. As I walked under Alkek Library and past the Stallions up to Old Main, I knew I belonged there.

My housing assignment was Burleson Hall. When I read about the absence of air conditioning, I was a bit nervous. But after moving in – learning that frozen water bottles set in front of a box fan can ease the Texas heat, radiators are wonderful in the winter time, and meeting the fantastic community that was Burleson – I felt at home.

Meal times at Jones Hall were always fun. We always went as a group, a blend of Burleson and Hornsby residents taking over several tables, laughing and goofing off. The food at Jones Hall was great. There was so much variety, and the giant salad bar was a personal favorite of mine.

Alkek Library was also my second home. Study room No. 7 on the seventh floor was where I spent many evenings studying for tests or reviewing the day’s notes. It was an amazing place to study.

The campus itself was beautiful. The grounds were always kept neat, clean and nicely landscaped. You could see and feel the history of the campus. You also felt the closeness of everyone on campus. On September 11, 2001, the entire campus gathered at the flag poles, prayed and many lit candles at the Stallions. Jerome Supple came and talked to us and then came over and gave many of us hugs, something that we all needed that day.

In December of 2001, it was my time to graduate. I was excited to finally be receiving my biology degree, but I was also saddened that I was leaving many friends and my school. I remember taking a walk around campus the day before I was to move out of Burleson. I walked up to Old Main and took the path around the building. I happened to look at the side of Old Main and saw where many people over the years had carved their names and dates into the bricks. Some were nearly a hundred years old while others were recent – a neat piece of history.

Southwest Texas State is now Texas State, but I don’t feel that this has changed what I have experienced. It’s an amazing school and I hope that one day my children will be Bobcats, too.

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