Bobcat Faces: Sarah Hadley

Fashioning A Future

By Britney Munguia

Fashion-forward senior Sarah Hadley has her heart set on graduating with a degree in fashion merchandising with a minor in business administration.

But her focus is on what happens behind the scenes instead of on the runway.

“Many schools offer a design-based program,” says Hadley, “but Texas State offers a great program focused on business.”

Aspiring to be either a visual planner or buyer for a large-scale department store, Hadley would happily accept an offer from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, where she interned this summer.

Besides researching current trends and target markets, Hadley also has worked as a part-time intern at the Prime Outlets marketing office.

Conveniently enough, when feeling particularly stressed, Hadley strolls through the outlets for a little retail therapy.

“As a fashion merchandising major, shopping relaxes me,” says Hadley.

Hadley, who was president of the Fashion Merchandising Association last year, says being active in several clubs and organizations is the key to a successful college experience.

“Getting involved instills school spirit, and staying involved and taking on leadership roles helps students prepare for life after college, where they will become leaders in their careers,” Hadley says.

She says her involvement has helped her leadership skills grow, as well as her confidence to succeed in life.

She also credits one-on-one help from professors, the friendliness of current students and the unique campus with helping solidify her decision to attend Texas State.

“College is about choices,” says Hadley, “and if you chose Texas State, you have already made your first right choice.”

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