Spotlight: You Define Excellence at Texas State

You define how Texas State shines…

Katie Wesch
Photography ‘12
Kyle, Texas
“The shine at Texas State is the way the students represent the school. Students look forward to school here. Before I came here, I didn’t look forward to the start of the school year. Now, I can’t wait to go to class. My political science professor is a great educator and makes the subject very interesting. It’s how the teachers instruct and how the staff respond to students here. It shows in the success of students and alumni after graduation.”

Dixie Rinker
Marketing ‘13
Ft. Worth, Texas
“To shine means to stand out. For me, Texas State stands out because it’s pretty and it’s a nice campus.”

Justin Dalco
Undeclared ‘13
Ames, Texas
“To shine means to glow. Texas State shines because it is a great campus. There are lots of nice people here; everyone is friendly. It’s a great place to be, and the education here is excellent.”

Sebastian Brei
English/French ‘11
Montreal, Quebec
“Shining is stepping out of the ordinary; it’s stepping out of one’s spheres and releasing of oneself, being able to see life from others’ perspectives. How does Texas State shine? There is a certain diversity in the language department – the department I know. It differs in classes and applications of different philosophies and theories. There are many thought perspectives.”

Caroline Richardson
Creative Writing/International Advertising ‘12
“I equate shining with imagination and intelligence. At Texas State, the imagination and intelligence shine. The intelligence – just being able to have a good conversation on the steps of a building with another student – stands out. People are very free-thinking here.”

One response to “Spotlight: You Define Excellence at Texas State

  1. The major universities in Texas each have their own way in which they shine, the thing they do better than anyone else. A&M has its traditions, UT has its research, but what is Texas States niche? What does this university do better than the rest? Of course we have our academics, traditions, and research like the others, but for me what Texas State does best is investing in its students. This is the 3rd university I’ve attended, and my siblings and parents have gone to 4 others, and out of all these universities I’ve attended or visited Texas State is the most student oriented. They continually invest not only money but time as well to their students. Our recently expanded recreation center, intramurals, sport clubs, our hundreds of student, greek, and professional organizations, Writing Center, Allies, mentor program, career services, Bobcat bobbies, Slac lab, and I’m sure there are many more I’m forgetting. The university invests man hours and tuition dollars in part or whole to all of these programs for students. Of all my friends and acquaintances at this university I’m hard pressed to find a student that isn’t involved in a club or program somewhere at this university and most people I know are in several. Even my commuter friends who wake up early to make the trek from Austin or San Antonio get involved in some way. That I believe is how we shine and show our Bobcat pride. Our education and participation doesn’t begin and end in the classroom it goes so much farther beyond the classroom or even the campus.

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