Bobcat Faces: John Luna

Building A Solid Future

By Billi London-Gray

John Luna is building his future according to a master plan. His studies will prepare him for a career in the construction industry, but, Luna says, it’s the lessons outside the classroom that give him a good foundation for life.

The engineering technology major at Texas State University expects to succeed his father as owner and president of Monolite Systems, LLC, in Houston, his hometown. Luna’s degree will include a specialization in construction engineering technology and a minor in business administration.

“I came here with the impression that I would pursue industrial engineering,” Luna says. “One day while waiting for an advising appointment, I ran across a pamphlet for the construction technology program. I read a little about it and immediately switched.”

Luna has high hopes for continuing the success of his father’s business, thanks to the specific career preparation of his degree program. He credits his on-campus activities with doing just as much to help him become “a very successful man” one day.

Luna has been involved with several on-campus organizations, including the Black Student Alliance, Black Men United, the Association for General Contractors and the Hispanic Business Students Association. Coming from “a strong, prideful Puerto Rican and Dominican background,” Luna says he has enjoyed the networking opportunities within these groups.

Overall, the activity that means the most to him is his involvement with PAWS Preview, a program that helps new students transition to college life.

“I have really stuck with PAWS Preview,” Luna says. “Through PAWS, I have learned so much about leadership and integrity, and a lot about myself.”

Luna worked as a peer assistant leader (PAL) in PAWS his freshman year and is in his second year as a co-chair, a year-round leadership position.

“As co-chairs, we work the entire year to make sure the PAWS Preview production in the fall will run smoothly. We hire a team of PALs and train them to help new students get acquainted with our lovely campus and learn the necessary ‘just-in-time’ information.”

John says the role fits him perfectly. He gets to introduce new students to the campus he loves while sharing his enthusiasm for the school’s spirit and diversity. He also enjoys being the “back support,” as he puts it, for his friends, co-workers and fellow students.

“PAWS has been such an influential aspect of my college career, and of my life in general. I’ve grown as a leader and an individual with this organization,” Luna says. “Through PAWS I’ve met many great, loving people. I would suggest to anyone, try and be involved with something. It‘s life-changing.”

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