Spotlight: Texas State History Club

What’s the highlight of being a student at Texas State?

As part of No Impact Week, the History Club held a book sale on the Quad to find new homes for old books. After a discussion of the geopolitical motives at play in the Pacific Theater during World War II, members of the club took time to share their thoughts about Texas State.

Eva Johnson
Denton, Texas
Public Administration ‘11
“The best thing, for me, is just the experience of being here. I wanted to try something new, to meet new people, different people, and be in a new environment. I’ve really found that here. And it’s made me want to go out and try more new places and new experiences.”

Eric Hawes
Port Aransas, Texas
History Education ‘12
“I transferred here from a really small college. I thought it would be a hard adjustment, but it wasn’t. I love it here. I love the people. Everyone is really friendly. The teachers and the classes are really interesting. And there’s lots to do. I’ve found tons of ways to get involved.”

Nancy Nerio
Donna, Texas
History ‘12
“The highlight here is certainly the diversity. It’s much more diverse than where I’m from. Seeing all the cultures and ethnicities and different ways people think is really wonderful. And everyone is very friendly. I really appreciate that.”

William Greene
Snyder, Texas
History ‘12
“I transferred from a community college, and this is such a different environment: more people, more avenues of education, more opportunities. From the first day, it’s been an enlightening experience.”

Patricia Ayling
History ‘14
“The history learning community I joined has really opened my eyes to what’s out there. I’ve met people, gotten involved, and I’m more outgoing. I also like the culture here at Texas State – it’s very diverse and open.
And it’s a very pretty campus.”

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