Texas State Faces: Football on Wheels

Unicycle football in San Marcos; photo by Jose Ole

Unicycle Football League finds
its balance in San Marcos

By Britney Munguia

Who has a fantasy about playing football on a unicycle when they’re 9 years old?

Marcus Garland, that’s who. The Texas State senior founded the Unicycle Football League in San Marcos during the summer of 2008.

After he finalized the idea and enlisted Austin’s Ozone Bikes to sponsor the league, more than 15 people bought unicycles within the week and began to practice. He’s since gotten The Hub, a San Marcos bike shop, to help out by cutting the costs of unicycles so everyone can afford to play.

Currently there are five teams in the league – the Berzerkerz, Gnarwhals, Hot Dogs, Unicychos and Illeagles – with a sixth, Hell on Wheel, in the making.

Garland says unicycle football is constantly evolving as ridership and skill levels increase. New rules, such as replacing the traditional coin toss with a joust on unicycles, are always being added, helping to create new dynamics for the game.

“I know that unicycle football sounds like a strange fantasy, but I’ve been a juggler and unicyclist since the age of 9,” says Garland.

The Unicycle Football League accepts new members 18 years old and up, and anyone is welcome.

“If you don’t know how to ride a unicycle… no problem,” says Garland. “We have extra unicycles and plenty of people willing to teach new riders.”

Just like football, the Unicycle Football League has a cheer squad of its own, known as the “Unibrawdz.”

“They are far more than your typical run-of-the-mill cheer squad,” says Garland. “They promote our games, latch hands and become our field-goal post and much, much more.”

Since turning his dream into reality, Garland is excited about the Unicycle Football League continuing on well past its sixth season.

“Pedestrian football,” he says, “is so outdated.”

Unicycle football games are held every Sunday at the farmer’s market lot in downtown San Marcos. The next game is Sunday at at 4 p.m.

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