Happenings: Stargazing at Supple Science

Supple Science Observatory Hosts Stargazers Every Wednesday

On a clear night you can see forever. Or at least a few billion years into the past, if you’re stargazing at the Texas State’s Supple Science Building.

The Supple Science Observatory, on the fourth floor of the Supple Science Building, houses a 16-inch diameter telescope that can magnify galaxies near and far. Adjacent to the telescope’s dome is an observing deck, where small portable telescopes may be used.

The observatory is open for public viewing Wednesday nights, weather permitting, starting around sundown. If the sky is cloudy, overcast or stormy, the observatory will not be open.

“My advice to all is, if you look up and don’t see many stars because of clouds, then our telescope won’t be able to see them either,” says Russell Doescher, the faculty director of the observatory. “It really is best to wait for clear skies.”

Visitors to the Supple Science Building will take the elevator to the fourth floor and follow the signs to take stairs to the observing deck. A wheelchair lift to the observatory will be available in the future; it is currently being serviced. The doors to the Supple Science Building are locked at 9 p.m., so be sure to arrive before that time.

The observatory is also available by appointment for group visits. Email Dr. Doescher at rd10@txstate.edu to arrange a group visit to the observatory.

6 responses to “Happenings: Stargazing at Supple Science

  1. That is really awesome to hear! I love looking at the stars and planets! Thanks so much!!

  2. You’re welcome. Thanks for suggesting this idea, Willow.

  3. I brought my daughter out Wednesday night and we loved she was so fascinated and enjoyed see the planets in the huge telescope… Kudos for allowing the public to have the opportunity to to gaze at the stars. Thanks for all the info…Noah and all the gang there. we will be back for sure.

  4. Elizabeth McCallan

    I’m looking forward to going. Do I need to call or just show up on a clear night?

  5. I visited on the 14th and was able to view Saturn. It was amazing. The student volunteers also pointed a binary star directly above us at the time. It was a great experience. Thank you.

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