Alumni Profiles: Aric Bostick

Texas State graduate turns club
into career as motivational speaker

Aric Bostick

By Britney Munguia

A club he established at Judson High School turned Aric Bostick’s life upside down, resulting in a career path he never could have imagined.

Now a successful motivational speaker — he has spoken to more than a half million students — Bostick was once a student at Texas State University, graduating in 1998 with a bachelor of exercise and sports science.

After spending a year at Taylor High School teaching English and coaching basketball, Bostick moved to Judson — in the San Antonio suburb of Converse — where he spent three years teaching speech communications.

While at Judson, Bostick created the “Goal Setters Club,” which helped students create long-term goals and stay motivated while attending school. The club was an instant success, and he began speaking to classes and churches, and also was profiled on San Antonio television stations. Soon enough he was able to gain the exposure he needed to become a professional motivational speaker.

The foundation of Bostick’s success training is simple, as he says on his website: Every student can achieve his or her goals if given the motivation and tools necessary to do so.

“I come from a tough background,” says Bostick. “My mother was bipolar and my father was an alcoholic. Students need to hear these things, and know that they aren’t alone. ”

Bostick, like many students, didn’t have the “perfect” home life. He understands that divorce, neglect and emotional or physical abuse may affect many teens. By speaking to students that are in similar situations to his own, he gives them newfound hope and a positive outlook on life.

Bostick offers more than just student seminars from the fourth grade to college, with sessions aimed at parents and teachers.

“I speak to educators to get them re-inspired, and to help them remember why they started teaching in the first place,” says Bostick. “Parents also need a little reminding of how exciting it was to become a parent. I give them very simple tools to create and maintain a healthy relationship with their children.”

Once he became successful, Bostick started a non-profit organization called “Live All Your Dreams,” which helps students with funding for higher education.

With a decade of motivational speaking under his belt Bostick has spoken to students in 35 states, as well as the Bahamas.

Bostick has one bit of advice for everyone he meets: “Follow your heart.”

He certainly has.

One response to “Alumni Profiles: Aric Bostick

  1. I was a teacher with Aric at Judson and I was amazed with his energy, enthusiasm and the way he motivated students and his fellow staff members. After teaching for 12 years, I’m now ‘following my heart’ and getting my graduate degree in Student Affairs at Texas State! Keep inspiring others Aric…it is DEFINITELY your calling!! ~Hope

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