Distinguished Alumnus of the Day: John T. Dailey

John T. Dailey

John T. Dailey

John T. Dailey

John T. Dailey graduated from Texas State University in 1936 with a degree in government and education.

While working for the Federal Aviation Administration during the 1960s, he developed psychological and behavioral profiles for the detection of potential airplane hijackers.

He received the FAA Flight Safety Award in 1972, which recognizes “outstanding individual contributions to aviation safety, through basic design, device or practice.”

John also wrote a book titled, Nine/Eleven: Could The Federal Aviation Administration Alone Have Deterred the Terrorist Skyjackers? You Will Find The Answer Here, But Not In The 9/11 Commission Report, which “takes you behind the scenes from the very beginning of efforts to curb aircraft hijacking, to how a proven program fell victim to bureaucracy.”

He was presented with the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1975.

The award recognizes graduates who have achieved prominence and distinction in their chosen business, profession or life work on a national or international level.

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