Texas State Updates: Gift of Life

Texas State sophomore gives
gift of stem cells this holiday season

By Alec Jennings
University News Service

Kelby Wenger

Last Friday, Kelby Wenger, a Texas State University-San Marcos sophomore from Denton who admits to being more than a bit squeamish at the sight of blood and needles, took her last final of the semester a week early before heading to Dallas to begin a grueling regiment of shots in preparation for serving a purpose higher than herself.

The injections are among the beginning steps towards donating her stem cells to a total stranger with few, if any, remaining options in a life-threatening battle against leukemia.

“Without this process, the doctors say he has zero percent chance of living,” Wenger said. “Even with this, there’s no guarantee.”

Wenger, a former high school valedictorian and a dean’s list business management major sporting a 3.9 grade point average describes the path that took her to this decision as one that was meant to be.

“I’m pretty needle shy and afraid of things,” she said. “I’m a Christian and the reason I’m doing this is that it’s the right thing to do. If it’s someone’s life on the line, I need to stand up and help get this done.”

Read the complete story at the University News Service archive.

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