Commencement Quiz

Are you ready for commencement?

Finals are over, but we have one more quiz to test your preparedness for graduation. How much do you know about Texas State University’s commencement ceremony?

1. To be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony, you must:

    a. be able to shout the Fight Song on command
    b. have fulfilled all financial obligations to the university
    c. wear official regalia (black cap and gown, maroon and gold tassel)
    d. walk backwards down the Quad from the mustangs to Old Main

2. What’s the difference between graduating and participating in commencement?

    a. Graduating means you show up; participating means you actually pay attention.
    b. Graduating means the Dean has certified that you are finished; participating means you still have to meet a few requirements before you get your diploma.
    c. Graduating and participating are the same.
    d. Graduating means you are a real grown-up; participating means your parents will keep supporting you for another four years.

3. What goes into every graduation gown?

    a. 23 kinds of polyester
    b. 23 plastic bottles
    c. 23 armadillo shells
    d. 23 minutes of stitching by a freshman volunteer

4. Who composed Pomp and Circumstance?

    a. Andrew Lloyd Weber
    b. Sir Elton John
    c. Johann Sebastian Bach
    d. Sir Edward Elgar

5. Who wrote the words for the Texas State Alma Mater?

    a. Jesse Kellam
    b. Lyndon Baynes Johnson
    c. Jessie Sayers
    d. Miriam McCoy

Congratulations, graduates!

Answers: 1) b and c, but you are welcome to do the others on a voluntary basis; 2) b; 3) b; 4) d; 5) c, Jessie Sayers was an original faculty member of the Southwest Texas State Normal.

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