Alumni Profile: Nancy Tieken Lopez

Graduate creates fusion
between art, nature

Nancy Tieken Lopez considers herself an artist of nature.

Originally from Shiner, Tieken graduated from Texas State University in 1991 with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She went on to receive her master of fine arts, with an emphasis in sculpture and installation art, from San Jose State University.

Over time, her artwork has grown into earth installations, including music, dance and poetry.

Trails and Vistas Art Hike

She also founded  Trails and Vistas, a unique art experience located in North Lake Tahoe, Calif., in 2004. It was created with the hope of fusing artistic expression and nature into one.

Trails and Vistas takes hikers on a 2.5-mile walk through the rocky terrain of Sierra Nevada. Audiences experience 8-12 performing venues, which showcase interpretive dance, group meditation or musical performances. Art installations of all varieties are spread over the course of the hike. There’s a photo gallery of the installation here.

“My art is about connection — to a place, to the earth, to people’s lives and to the past,” says Tieken.

Read more about Nancy Tieken Lopez and her artwork at and

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