Texas State Updates: Video Contest

Dust off the video cameras, tell us
why you came to Texas State

To kick off the new year – and give you Bobcats something to do for the next week or so – we’re sponsoring a quick contest.

Put together a short (up to 30 seconds) video explaining why you came to Texas State. Be as creative as you want. Upload it to YouTube and send the link to socialnet@txstate.edu.

We’ll award some nifty Texas State items for the top five videos, based on creativity and message, and create a playlist for them on the Texas State YouTube channel. The deadline is midnight, Jan. 12.

We’re also on the lookout for students who would like to make videos this semester. So even if you’re not ready to submit a video, contact us at socialnet@txstate.edu for information on a meeting later this month.

And here’s some inspiration, from the online movie-making site Xtranormal.com:

One response to “Texas State Updates: Video Contest

  1. Daniel Jean-Luc Lagray

    Currently working on my script and in negotiations with several high profile B-list directors. I’m pretty sure we can meet that deadline, unless the Screen Actors Guild gets in the way.

    Daniel Jean-Luc Lagray

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