Six Tips for a Successful Spring Semester

Step it up this semester

Welcome back, Bobcats! To help you get off to a great start this semester, we’ve consulted the experts to compile the six best tips for success. Just remember to thank your dedicated Texas State social media team for your 4.0 in May.

Get a head start. Read ahead, download syllabi and be aware of the workload you will face this semester. Purchase necessary books and materials beforehand, and read assigned text a few days in advance, rather than the day of.

Make a good impression on professors. First impressions are formed within minutes of meeting, so be sure to make it a good one. Chat with professors before class, sit toward the front of the classroom, and always submit assignments on time. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to be punctual either.

Don’t get behind. Know what needs to be accomplished each week and make sure it happens. Keep a planner, a Google calendar or an iPhone checklist if you must.

Balance work and play. Maintaining good grades will always be important, but so is keeping up with your health and your social life. You’re not going to be happy when you receive a ‘D’ on the midterm because you stayed out past 5 a.m. the night before. But you also need to make time to stay in shape and relax with your friends. Create a balance between the two that works for you and stick with it. Campus Recreation has listed a few great fitness guidelines to help you get started.

Set goals. What do you hope to accomplish this semester? Create a list of short-term and long-term goals to accomplish by the end of the semester. If you want to snag an internship, plan for it. (Check out the internship options from Texas State Career Services.) Set goals that are attainable and pursue them.

Last but not least…

Be friendly. There is nothing more welcoming than a smile on someone’s face as you pass by and a warm hello. Whether you’re studying at Alkek or walking through the Quad, shoot someone a smile and instantly have your day brightened.

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