Around Campus: Connected

Organization helps students
create new bonds on campus

By Britney Munguia

The first six weeks of a college career are often the most important in determining if a student stays in school for the next academic year.

Texas State has established a program on campus called Connected that works to create a comfortable environment for students to connect and learn about the many resources available to them during that critical time.

Connected meets every Sunday for the next six weeks of the semester. The first meeting is this Sunday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in LBJ Student Center, room 3-8.1, and, as is the case with every meeting, there will be free pizza and drinks.

Originally called “Hometown Bobcats,” the program started three years ago as an initiative to help students adjust to college life, says Holly Tawil, who is with the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs. Tawil and Sheila Reynolds are the coordinators of Connected.

Each meeting focuses on a topic, including internships and jobs, volunteer work, activities in San Marcos and Austin or involvement with campus organizations. Representatives of Campus Activities and Student Organizations (CASO), will be at Sunday’s meeting.

“Last semester a student wanted to learn how to budget so we did a session on money management,” says Tawil. “If a student wants to learn about something, they can suggest it.”

Although the program is primarily geared toward freshman, transfer and exchange students, anyone is welcome to participate.

“We had two upperclassmen join us last semester because they wanted to learn how to start an organization but did not know how to do it,” says Tawil.

Not only does the program provide access to student resources, it also gives students the ability to socialize and make connections with other students and faculty, Tawil says.

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