Texas State Updates: Rolling Blackouts

Texas State to experience
rolling power outages

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has declared an energy emergency because of the extreme cold weather gripping the state.

Texas State has been advised by San Marcos Electrical Utility to expect rolling power outages that may continue through Friday depending on the weather.  These outages are expected to last up to 30 minutes at a time and will occur without notice.

Students, staff, and faculty are advised to use the stairwells and to only use elevators if they have a disability. Not all elevators are not served by emergency backup power.

These outages also will affect central heating plants and may cause buildings to be cold even when the power is restored because of disruption of the boilers.

The power outages will also disrupt telephone service. Facilities staff is working to keep disruptions to a minimum.  For questions, call the Facilities Service Desk at 512.245.2824 or Gordon Green at 512.245.2518.

For updates, users can check the Texas State homepage, Texas State Facebook page, Texas State Twitter feed.

Everyone also is encouraged to register for the free Texas State RAVE cell phone alert system to receive updates.

The council suggest users reduce electrical consumption:

  • Limit electricity usage to only that consumption which is absolutely necessary. Turn off all unnecessary lights, appliances, and electronic equipment.
  • Businesses should minimize the use of electric lighting and electricity-consuming equipment as much as possible.
  • Large consumers of electricity should consider shutting down or reducing non-essential production processes.

There are more tips at “Powerful Advice,” the website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

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