Study Tips: The End Is Near

Take smart steps now as you race toward the finish line

By Texas State SLAC

Just a little over two weeks ago you were counting down the days until spring break, and five weeks from now you’ll be heading into finals. So what’s the best use of your time to maintain good grades or pull up any that are lagging?

Assess where you stand in each class:

  • How many exams, papers, and/or projects do you have left to complete?
  • What percent of your grade do these exams, papers, and/or projects count for?
  • Will you gain points for good attendance or lose them for missing class?
  • If your grade is borderline (passing or failing — or simply close to being higher), schedule a meeting with your professor to determine specific actions you can take to improve. Professors that may seem intimidating in a large lecture class are usually much more approachable during their office hours. Besides, you’ll be surprised what you learn about your professors just by venturing into their offices for a few minutes.

Studying in Alkek Library

Commit to regular reading and study periods several times a week to catch up or keep up with your assignments.

Change your study environment to increase your productivity. If you can’t study in your room or apartment because of constant distractions or interruptions, find another place on campus that works for you. The Alkek Library has study rooms and carrels as well as large open areas on floors 5-7. The rocking chairs (fourth floor), outdoor balconies (second and third floors), and amphitheater (first floor) at the LBJ Student Center are also favorite quiet spots to read and study.

Reward yourself after you work. Complete reading and homework assignments between classes or early in the afternoon, then follow up with a trip to Sewell Park or do something else you find reinforcing. On a campus as beautiful as ours, “spring fever” can quickly become a contagious epidemic. So learn how to use the rewards of spring to your academic advantage!

Note: This is the first in a series of study tips and ideas from the Texas State Student Learning Assistance Center, better known as SLAC. Find SLAC on the fourth floor of Alkek Library and on Facebook.

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