Study Tips: Spring Fever

Combating that most pleasant
of ailments, Spring Fever

Sewell Park: Your new favorite study spot

By Texas State SLAC

There are only a few weeks of classes left. The end is in sight. But the combination of warm weather and crystal-clear water is enough to break the resistance of even the strongest student.

Imagine the perfect day: You wake up in the morning and walk around campus feeling good. The sun is shining, trees are swaying, and the bluebonnets are in bloom. Your mind is clear, and all you want to do is go to the river and relax. You could round up a couple of friends and soak up the sun. You could hang out all day and just chill. After all that sun, a nap would feel great. Then, what better way to end the day than with a good movie?

The problem is you have class; you have a big test; you have papers to write. You have to make a painful choice: Do you hang out and enjoy this beautiful day, or do you go to class and handle your academic obligations?

With a little self-discipline, you can be a good student while enjoying the beautiful spring weather. It isn’t as immediately gratifying as a day of floating the river, but it’ll keep your grades afloat so you don’t scuttle the semester. In the long run, you’ll feel better if you don’t succumb to Spring Fever.

First, go to class. It only lasts an hour or so, and you will be better prepared for your test. Then call up some friends, and go to the river. Pick a nice spot and study. Enjoy the sun on your face as you review class materials with your friends. Once the sun goes down, take the nap you’ve been craving, but limit it to one hour. When you wake up, instead of a movie, pull out a book and read for your classes the next day.

Make the most of your college experience, enjoying time outside with friends while staying at the top of your academic game. It’s all about maintaining a balance. The semester will be over soon, and you want to go out with a bang. So, embrace and enjoy spring, but don’t let it sink your ambitions.

One response to “Study Tips: Spring Fever

  1. Wish I had time while the sun was out to even do those things.

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