Help Wanted: All-Star Social Media Intern

Wanted: Twitter-loving Bloggerrific Facebookaholic to promote Texas State

The University Marketing team at Texas State is looking for a go-getting, wordsmithing, pun-producing, fact-finding, Bobcat-loving student with amazing Tweeting, blogging, Facebooking and cross-promoting social media skills.

The candidate must be a current Texas State student, preferably with the following wunderkind qualities:

  • Can commit to the internship from June 2011 to May 2012
  • Knows how to monitor and update social media like Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, YouTube playlists, WordPress and Tumblr blogs, and Flickr photostreams
  • Works well generating content ideas and executing assignments

The internship is a paid, part-time job on campus in the University Marketing Office, located in JC Kellam 860. Current students can login to Jobs4Cats and apply for Job #21212 by April 22. Be prepared to upload your résumé, noting on it URLs you’d like us to consider as evidence of your social media prowess.

Oh yes, and be prepared to share a desk with Bob the Cat, if he ever comes back from spring break:

4 responses to “Help Wanted: All-Star Social Media Intern

  1. I am a facebookaholic!! I have not started on the others yet, but am literally willing to learn how. Heck I could learn how before June! Would that still allow me to qualify?

  2. My facebook is private (and I’d like to keep it that way) and I have a small “like” page for my Graphic Design services…is there anyone I should add to Facebook if they want to check out my page, or do I just have to make it public? I have LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr already. Would those count too? I’m kind of crazy about my Facebook page being private because it’s my personal life, you know? 🙂

    • Billi London-Gray

      It’s fine if you want to include the link to your Facebook business page and exclude your personal page. LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr are all social media, so please include URLs for those sites if you’d like them to be considered.

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