Alumni: Mass Comm

Texas State mass comm alumni
form networks across the country

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University has educated some of the top journalists and media producers in the Central Texas area and beyond. The program’s alumni have carried its educational innovations — from its acclaimed broadcast journalism training to its integration of emerging media platforms — into successful careers.

With networks among mentors, peers and professionals, these graduates are the movers and shakers in their fields, and continue to lead the development of mass communication for the future. Read a few of their stories below: 

 Dale Blasingame

Dale Blasingame is the social media director at Beacon SEO, a search engine/social media optimization company in San Antonio. He spent nine years in the television news business, where he won two Emmy awards, and recently received his master’s degree in new media from Texas State. Blasingame’s thesis was entitled “Gatejumping: Twitter, TV News and the Delivery of Breaking News.” He recently presented his research to academics and professionals alike at the International Symposium on Online Journalism.

Maira Garcia

Maira Garcia graduated from Texas State in 2007 with a B.A. in print journalism and political science. Continuing her education at the university, she earned her M.A. in new media in 2009. Garcia worked on MTV’s “Choose or Lose” street team, producing multimedia content and becoming involved with political activists in Texas; the project won a 2008 Emmy for Best Community Service Campaign for its feature on the Think website. She is now the social media editor for the Austin American-Statesman.

David Saleh Rauf

David Saleh Rauf is a 2008 graduate with a major in electronic media and a minor in political science. Rauf wrote for University Star and interned at the Austin American-Statesman and the Houston Chronicle. He was also a business reporter for the San Antonio Express-News. He recently earned his Master of Journalism in public affairs reporting from the University of Maryland, where he was selected as the 2010-11 Howard Simmons Fellow.

Greg Frey

Greg Frey graduated from Texas State in 1994 with a major in broadcast journalism, and now works as the country music programming director for Cumulus Corporate Programming in Atlanta. He got his start at KSON-FM in San Diego, a country music station awarded the top spot for radio multiple times during his tenure. He previously was the assistant program director and music director at CBS Radio‘s KILT-FM (100.3) in Houston, where he was responsible for all the station’s on-air and online content.

Carly Smith

Carly Smith is a 2010 Texas State graduate with a Master of Arts degree in mass communication and new media. She is now the account manager at East Austin’s TradeMark Media, where she handles day-to-day production on projects, editing content, billing, and communication with her team and clients. She also writes for and edits The StyleSheet, Trademark’s monthly newsletter. Smith participated in the SXTXState project in 2010 and attended South By Southwest Interactive for a second time with her company in 2011.

Compiled by Catherine Harper.

3 responses to “Alumni: Mass Comm

  1. Way to go Texas State alum! 🙂

  2. No big deal, but I kinda had classes with Dale, Carly, and Maira. Yeah, I know them.

  3. I think this should be expanded to whichever former Bobcat needs some publicity — something that might catch the attention of potential employers and headhunters.

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