Alumni: Greg Frey

Broadcasting with the stars:
Frey makes waves in radio

Frey (right) with Keith Urban

By Catherine Harper

It’s easy to turn the dial to a favorite radio station and enjoy the music, never knowing what goes on behind the scenes. However, in the competitive world of broadcast, holding the top spot and recognition is key.

Greg Frey, a graduate of Texas State University, has become a face behind the airwaves as a broadcasting director, building credibility and experience at top radio stations around the country, and has had a ripple effect on his industry.

Frey first made his impact at Texas State among professors and students alike with his passion for country music and broadcasting. Texas State electronic media professor Larry Carlson remembered Frey for his fierce determination and vigilance in his college years.

“Greg was just one of those guys that you knew was going to be successful at whatever he did,” Carlson said in an interview with the Mass Communication Journalism blog. “He was a great student, a standout.”

In 1994, Frey earned his degree in broadcast journalism and ventured out into the industry. On the rocky road to success, Frey broadcast in cities such as San Diego, San Antonio and Houston and interacted with many of music’s big names.

From 2004 to 2010, Frey worked as the program and music director for CBS Radio’s KILT-FM (100.3) in Houston, where he produced top ratings for the station through managing all on-air and online content. Working at top stations and gathering high ratings has become Frey’s forte, having previously worked at the No. 1 country station in San Diego, KSON-FM.

Frey’s recognition in the industry has led him to the stars, working with some of the biggest names in country music. During his varied experiences, he has interacted with a variety of artists including Brad Paisley, the Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Sugarland and fellow Texas State alum George Strait.

Frey currently works as the country music programming director for Cumulus Corporate Programming in Atlanta. His wife, Caryn, is also a Texas State graduate, and their young daughter, according to Frey, is already excited to attend Texas State.

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