Alumni: Edi Patterson

“Unscripted” actress lights up stage
with ad-lib and comedic talent

By Catherine Harper

The rise of a small-town actress to the stage and screen may seem like a Hollywood fairy tale. For Edi Patterson, from Texas City, Texas, the world has become her stage in a real-life rise to acting success in Los Angeles.

Patterson, a graduate from Texas State University with a BFA in acting, has showcased her comedic chops in improv theatre around the country as well as television and film. Recently joining the famous improv group, The Groundlings, in Los Angeles, Patterson has made headlines for her side-splitting improv in plays such as Jane Austin Unscripted and Tennessee Williams Unscripted.

At the start of her career as an emerging actress with a quick wit, Patterson joined a successful improv group in Austin called Austin Theatresports where she performed in local sketches and ad-lib theatre showcasing her on-the-spot comedic style. She garnered further audience and critic praise for her offbeat and humorous performances with the avant-garde improv group, Rude Mechanicals.

With these experiences in improv and theatre under her belt, Patterson decided to pursue her acting dreams further in Los Angeles.  With her dedication and passion for the theatre, Patterson starred in several television series including “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “The Showbiz Show” with David Spade, and “Stop it” on Channel 101, which won a Channy Award. She also landed several comedic film roles, and on February 7, 2006, Patterson appeared on the late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Patterson and her husband, actor and director Dan O’Connor, currently reside in sunny Los Angeles. Patterson has become an accomplished playwright and “funny girl,” writing sketches for her improv troupe and performing.

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