Alumni: David Renaud

Renaud brews up success
at The Coffee Pot

The Coffee Pot, on the Square in San Marcos

By Catherine Harper

To climb the ladder to management, knowledge of different industries is key. For David Renaud, a Texas State alumnus and manager of The Coffee Pot Bistro in San Marcos, his past work experience — ranging from bagel sales to shoe repair — has come together with learned business principles to guide his steps to the top rung.

Renaud graduated from Texas State in May with a double major in general studies and business and has worked his way up to management with his drive and refined business skills.

According to Renaud, his Consumer Science and Business Management classes at Texas State led to his interest and enthusiasm in management, with further guidance to success by the university’s Career Services staff.

“Career Services was integral in helping me organize my résumé to be very professional,” Renaud says. “I have a stellar résumé, so it stood out.”

Renaud also exercised his determination to succeed through his involvement with the Texas State rugby team, where he was known as “Patsy” and played lock.

In his undergraduate career, Renaud expanded his knowledge of different industries with various part-time jobs including shoe repair, waiting tables, construction and serving bagels.

According to Renaud, his first job at Benny’s Bagels in San Antonio was also his best: it was his first shift management position. With his enthusiasm for the business, he learned to give 100 percent of his effort to the job.

Photos by C. Harper

That lesson also helped Renaud get to his current management position. He started at The Coffee Pot as a cook and applied for a management position shortly after being hired. Now he oversees the daily operations of the business, maintaining the store, supervising production, scheduling shifts and screening applicants. Renaud says he is especially tough when reviewing Texas State students.

“I’m a stickler on résumés, especially from Texas State students,” Renaud says. “In my experience, a professional résumé says everything about an applicant and will make me want to hire them.”

Renaud says 95 percent of his customer base consists of Texas State students. As a business on the Square with a central location across from the Hays County Courthouse, The Coffee Pot has become a haven for students as well as locals, making its location and atmosphere ideal for a graduate like Renaud looking to gain management experience at a healthy business.

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