Study Tips: Summer School Success

Summer School: How To Get Ahead
Without Losing Yours

By Texas State SLAC

Taking summer classes at Texas State has its perks. Parking is easier. Traffic is lighter. Sewell Park is less crowded. Classrooms seem bigger. Campus is calmer. In short, the living is easy.

But while the atmosphere feels a bit slower, the pace of academics is almost three times faster than during regular semesters. A summer class packs a 14-week punch into less than five weeks. If you don’t get textbooks and the syllabus early, you might saunter unprepared into a lecture covering two chapters — or worse, an entire book.

With the pace of summer courses, one class meeting can cover a week’s worth of material, so it’s essential to prepare before classes. Expect papers each week, frequent tests on Fridays or Mondays, and homework every night. Schedule adequate time every day to prepare for class and complete assignments.

Intensity has it benefits. In many cases, the sheer speed of summer classes forces students to focus in ways they wouldn’t during long semesters. Also, professors can be more accessible and involved with smaller classes of motivated students. Talking frequently with your faculty members will help you in successfully completing courses.

Additionally, summer classes often attract a broader range of students in terms of age and experiences — from hard-working undergrads looking to complete prerequisites to professionals returning to school to hone their skills or redirect their careers. Your study groups can be enhanced by that diversity. Use each other’s strengths to get the most out of your classes.

Summer school requires hard work and discipline, but with it, you’ll stay on top of the material and quickly get ahead in your degree plan.

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