Faculty: Jack Ransone

Ransone shares thoughts on work
with Spurs, balance in academics

Dr. Jack Ransone, a professor and alum of Texas State University, has had a broad career as an athletic trainer for athletes and teams worldwide. In addition to his university role, he is the medical coordinator for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.

Ransone, the director of the athletic training program at Texas State since 2003, has worked with national teams at sporting events worldwide, including the U.S. National Wrestling Team’s Tour of Europe in 2002; the 2003 Pan American Games; the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece; the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, after which he earned the prestigious Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award from the National Trainers’ Association (NATA); the 2009 World Cross Country competition in Mombasa, Kenya; and the 2009 World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Osaka, Japan.

In a recent interview with British sports news website The Leader, Ransone discusses the balance of his academic role with the hands-on analysis in his work with the Spurs. Here’s a few excerpts from the interview:

“Our coaching staff is very much a kind of, ‘get to the point’ type of people, and our medical group is very evidence based,” Ransone says. “Much of my job has to do with communications of what we’re doing across our medical group, to our administration and to our coaches.” 

With a different approach to each department of the team, Ransone often must “call it in” to one of his colleagues to test a medical analysis. Despite the nature of disclosure in the medical field residing mostly behind closed doors, Ransone believes in a transparent communications approach with his athletes and head coach.

“I feel it is very, very important with any program that’s introduced to the athletes, or to the coaches, for them to know upfront exactly why and how we’re doing it, and what outcome we expect from it,” Ransone says. “What I’ve found over the years is that they need to truly understand it and know that we’re trying to make them better.”

To learn more about Ransone, read his Rising Stars profile or visit his faculty profile on the university website.

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