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Faculty: Randall Reid

From flea market to fine art:
Professor gives new life to relics

By Billi London-Gray

Randall Reid is an alchemist. His ability to turn base metals into gold has been showcased in galleries, museums, offices and embassies stretching across the globe from San Marcos to Kuwait.

The Texas State University art professor specializes in deconstructing antique found objects — like oil cans, rulers, rakes and signs — to create new works of art. Collecting objects from flea markets, garage sales, antique stores and junk shops, Reid transforms them into minimalist masterpieces.

“My work reflects the process of aging, in that the chance and random circumstances involved in its creation are closely correlated with the physicality of growth and decay,” Reid says. “By combining raw and well-worn materials, I seek to give visual form to our relationships with the past.”

Currently on faculty development leave, Reid is working in his on-campus studio creating pieces for his upcoming solo exhibition, “Evidence of a Society,” which will be held on campus in the fall 2012 semester. In the more immediate future, his work will be on display in two upcoming events in San Marcos’ neighboring metropolises. Continue reading

Around Campus: COEDSO

COEDSO chalks up success for Education Ph.D. students

Recipients of the Barbara L. Jackson Scholars Program scholarship, including Mónica M. Valadez, Genise Henry and Israel Aguilar (right) — a Texas State Doctoral Instructional Assistant and mentor for COEDSO.

By Catherine Harper

Today’s education leaders carry the torch in shaping the brightest minds of tomorrow. At Texas State, the College of Education Doctoral Student Organization (COEDSO) guides doctoral students in cultivating the next generation of scholars through learning and leadership opportunities.

COEDSO is a student-run organization in Texas State’s doctorate of education program, which, under the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology, offers specializations in School Improvement and Adult, Professional and Community Education. For students pursuing a Ph.D. in education at Texas State, COEDSO offers a strong support system of mentors and faculty. Continue reading

Around Campus: Sociology Club

Sociology Club raises student
awareness with social science

Sociology Club member Gabriel Walker showcases the club's 2011 T-shirts.

By Catherine Harper

The Sociology Club at Texas State University prides itself on being a “different kind of club,” according to former president Chris Jordan. Centered around all facets of sociology, the study of societies, the Sociology Club provides its members with a broader insight into their daily lives and the world in which they live.

The Sociology Club is an active student-run organization in the College of Liberal Arts that is open to all students with an interest in sociology. With guidance by student officers and faculty advisor Bob Price, a professor of sociology at Texas State, the Sociology Club provides students with opportunities to learn and gain experience through sociology on campus.

Continue reading

Texas State Updates: Energy Conservation

Help Texas beat the heat:
Conserve during peak hours

From the Texas State University Facilities Department

Texas has been experiencing extreme high temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for over 70 days. The forecast for the last days in August ranges from 100-108 degrees. This extreme heat is expected to create high electricity demand across the state, including Central Texas and San Marcos. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the system operator for the state’s bulk transmission grid, is asking consumers and businesses to reduce their electricity use during peak electricity hours from 3 to 7 p.m. daily until the extreme temperatures break.

Texas State offices and the campus community need to do their part to reduce electric consumption during this time to lessen the potential for rolling blackouts. The Facilities Department is implementing internal measures to reduce electric use. Texas State also needs your help to reduce our power consumption on campus.

Texas State offices are conserving energy through the following initiatives:

  • Increase space temperature settings to 75 degrees starting at 3 p.m.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights.
  • Minimize the use of electric equipment and appliances 3-7 p.m.
  • Minimize the use of elevators. Continue reading

Around campus: “KTSW Presents: Bookstore Blowout”

KTSW’s Bookstore Blowout
amps up back-to-school Bobcats

By Catherine Harper

KTSW 89.9 FM, Texas State’s “the other side of radio” station, is hosting the semester-opening “Bookstore Blowout” today from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. with live music and giveaways at the University Bookstore in the LBJ Student Center.

Students that are shopping for textbooks — or stopping by on the way to class — can grab free CDs and posters while listening to live performances, and have the chance to win tickets for upcoming shows hosted by KTSW.

The event features performances by local artists Hunter Jackson, Joe Rice, Ben Zuniga, Halleyuna Finlay, David Booth, Betsy Phillips and Colin Colby.

Check out some photos from the event and see what your fellow Bobcats have to say:

Continue reading

Spotlight: ACT Program

SMPD, Texas State ACT Program
nominated for international award

From the City of San Marcos

The ACT Program, a joint effort between the San Marcos Police Department and Texas State University, has been named a finalist for this year’s Herman Goldstein Award for Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing. Continue reading

Bobcat Voices: Back-to-School Tips

Bobcat back-to-school tips
from the experts: YOU!

We asked the Texas State University community what they recommend for getting the most out of their classes and their time at Texas State. Here’s what they said:

  • Lisa Carter: Introduce yourself to your professor on the first day.
  • Christine Malseed: Go to your professors’ office hours. Get to know them. It’s good practice/real networking and it helps your grade when you get one-on-one help.
  • Christi Townsend: Make sure your professors know who you are.
  • Stephanie Sivells: Go to class, and don’t get on Facebook or play on your laptop. Pay attention and take good notes. People will be more willing to help you if you show you care when you are there!
  • Stephen Ramirez: Go to class and pay attention.
  • Joe Castaneda: Half the battle is just showing up. In other words, GO TO CLASS! 🙂
  • Mason Myska: Show up! Be responsible. Professors, staff and fellow students will help you, but only if you show up and ASK. Graduating college is a great achievement and graduating as a Bobcat is even better. Good luck! Continue reading