Bobcat Voices: Dalida Umuhire

My tips for a great semester:
Ask, try and get involved.

By Dalida Umuhire

First off, I would like to welcome all the newbies to Texas State and for the legends and icons, I say welcome back! There are a lot of things that I have learned over the years that I hope will help you have a great semester.

Study Methods. I came to college with a high school mentality. Within the first few weeks, I realized that I needed to change the way I studied. My roommate freshman year introduced me to “flashcards.” They helped me remember vocabulary words and definitions that I needed to know for classes. Studying with a group of people also has helped me break down information in an understandable fashion. There are many other ways to study; the important thing is finding one that is right for you.

Time Management. As you get your syllabi and start getting involved on campus, your schedule will change dramatically. I was never one to keep a calendar, but keeping a calendar helps me stay organized and remember the things that I need to do each day so that I am not overwhelmed.

Responsibility. Your parents and guardians have done a great job getting you to this point in life, but now, my fellow Bobcats, it is your turn. It is time for you to start taking responsibility for your future, and college is a great place to learn that. It is time to act on your dreams and make yourself who you envision yourself to be. Take responsibility for your actions, choices and words.

Involvement. When I started at Texas State, one of the first things I did was join student organizations, and I encourage you to do the same. There are over 300 student organizations on campus — you are bound to find yourself a match. On-campus activities and student orgs will help you put what you learn in the classroom to great use. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself and what you can do.

Friendships. Through the years I have been busy with school and my involvements, which caused me to lose a few friends. But I have also gained friends and I have been shown who my truest friends are. You will find that people come and go, but you also will meet people who will stay with you for a lifetime.

You will learn a great deal in college, but you will never learn until you try, and you will never know until you ask. Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you and enjoy your college experience at Texas State.

Dalida Umuhire is a Texas State University senior from Houston, Texas. As she completes her degree in advertising with a fashion merchandising minor, she  also blogs, is active in several student organizations, and creates buzz as Texas State’s campus ambassador for Intern Queen Inc. Follow her on Twitter @lavidalida.

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