Around campus: “KTSW Presents: Bookstore Blowout”

KTSW’s Bookstore Blowout
amps up back-to-school Bobcats

By Catherine Harper

KTSW 89.9 FM, Texas State’s “the other side of radio” station, is hosting the semester-opening “Bookstore Blowout” today from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. with live music and giveaways at the University Bookstore in the LBJ Student Center.

Students that are shopping for textbooks — or stopping by on the way to class — can grab free CDs and posters while listening to live performances, and have the chance to win tickets for upcoming shows hosted by KTSW.

The event features performances by local artists Hunter Jackson, Joe Rice, Ben Zuniga, Halleyuna Finlay, David Booth, Betsy Phillips and Colin Colby.

Check out some photos from the event and see what your fellow Bobcats have to say:

  • Cecily Fish, sophomore: “I dig it. I just walk through the line and grab a lot of free stuff. My friend is playing a show, so that’s pretty awesome as well.”
  • Aaron Bazquez, freshman: “It’s really cool. [KTSW] gets to advertise their station, and they’re offering a lot of free CDs that can expand the musical taste of students. I’m waiting to spin the wheel for free prizes.”
  •  Danny Recio, sophomore, KTSW promotions staff: “We’re just getting started. Lots of people are talking to us about the CDs that we’re offering and are liking the first act. This is my second year working the event and I’m meeting tons of people. It’s fun.”

    Students pick up free giveaways while shopping.

    Hunter Jackson gives the first performance.

    Free giveaways include CDs, posters and snacks.

    Spinning the wheel leads to free concert tickets for lucky students.

    Vendors including Time Warner and Sound Cloud also are on hand for the event.

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