Study Tips: Plan Your Semester

Don’t let the semester get away:
Planning is the key to success

Student studying at SLACBy Texas State SLAC

There’s so much pressure in the business of getting an education: parents who want the best for you, employers who are looking for top-of-the-line students, and your own expectations for yourself and your future. Being successful when the pressure is high depends, to a large extent, on how well you plan.

The start of the semester is the perfect time to develop a strategy for meeting your educational goals over the next few months. The Texas State University Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) has some tips to help you plan your semester:

  1. Information—Know the on-campus locations of your resources, such as the Math Lab, Writing Lab and SLAC Lab. Find out when they are open, and visit each so that you will be comfortable with them. For help finding them, click here.
  2. Schedule—Set up an hour-by-hour daily schedule. Block off the hours taken up by sleep, classes and work. Then, set aside time for study (you should study two hours for each hour you spend in class), exercise and play. Read more about how a good schedule can help reduce stress from the Texas State Counseling Center.
  3. Sleep—Make sure your schedule allows for an adequate amount of sleep. Stick with your sleep schedule even when you have a test or assignment coming up. Sleep will help you perform at the top of your game.
  4. Relaxation and Fun—Find your own place to relax, like a favorite coffee shop or park. At least once in a while, see a movie, go dancing or utilize campus recreational resources, like the Rock Climbing Center or University Camp. If you study and work all the time, you run the risk of suffering from “burn out.” Get involved on campus; just don’t over-commit yourself to extracurricular activities at the expense of serious study time.

College can be a wonderful experience, but make sure to plan well, and do it before things get out of hand. The better you plan, the better you will do in your classes.

Find more study tips from Texas State SLAC and Texas State students by clicking here.

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