Happenings: Freestyle Legends Flashback

Texas State grad student
organizing benefit concert

A poster detailing the Freestyle Legends Flashback concert. By Mary Kincy

A Texas State graduate student is organizing a concert benefiting the “forgotten” students of the Southwest Key Travis County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education  Program.

Jason Rubio, a secondary education major, is director of the Travis County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP), which aims to raise money to educate students expelled from districts from Austin to Del Valle.

“When districts expel a child, the student can often be forgotten,” Rubio explains. “Although these students are no longer allowed to attend school within the district, their need for an education does not go away. These youth have very unique needs, often greater than other students within Travis County.”

The concert, billed the Freestyle Legends Flashback, will feature freestyle and Latin hip hop artists Johnny O., Peter Fontaine and Danny Damian. Austin radio icon DJ 2DQ, along with several other Austin-area DJs, will share the stage.

Rubio said a poor economy contributed to the need for the benefit, with shortfalls persisting despite faculty cuts.

All profits from the benefit concert, to begin at 8 p.m. Oct. 22 at Villa’s Music Garden (Villa’s Taco Shack) on South Congress Avenue in Austin, will go to JJAEP. Additionally, an online campaign is available for those who cannot attend the concert, but wish to contribute.

“Even $1 will make a difference in the life of a student at the JJAEP,” Rubio says. “Our students are at a disadvantage with their backgrounds; they need a good, quality education.”

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