Distinguished Alumni 2011: Jeff Foster

As NBA veteran, Foster returned
to complete degree, set example

A photo of Jeff Foster.

Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster promised his mother in 1999 that he would return to Texas State and finish his degree, but it wasn’t until after he had children of his own that he realized how important it was that he fulfill that promise.

“I had always anticipated doing it, but I was always busy playing basketball,” said Foster, who has spent the past 12 years as an NBA player for the Indiana Pacers. “When I finished in 2009, my kids were in the stands watching me walk across the stage. They are always talking about it, and I am hopeful that will be something that carries them through their education and the rest of their lives.”

Foster was a two-time All-Southland Conference player who helped the Bobcats win the 1999 SLC championship, along with the 1997 SLC Tournament. As a senior, he ranked third nationally in rebounding with an 11.3 average and averaged 14.2 points per game.

He was drafted by Golden State in the 1999 NBA Draft, but was traded to Indiana the same night. He helped Indiana reach the NBA Finals in 1999-00 and 2004-05, and the Eastern Conference Finals in 2003-04.

He returned to Texas State in 2009 to receive his bachelor’s degree in applied arts and sciences.

The university will recognize five new Distinguished Alumni at Homecoming this week. With the newest honorees, Texas State has now presented its most prestigious award to 169 graduates since the first was given to Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson in 1959.

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