Study Tips: Extra Helpings

Minimize the tryptophan naps to
maximize preparation for finals

tom turkey with plumage

Thanksgiving turkey is delicious; acing your class will taste even better.

By Billi London-Gray

Thanksgiving Break gives Texas State students an extra helping of time to prepare for fall finals. Between visiting with Grandma and chillaxing with a plate of leftovers, carve out opportunities to work on your final projects and study. Make the most of the three-day respite from classes with these study tips.

Before you leave campus to start feasting, assess what you need to complete for each class:

  • How many exams, papers, labs and projects do you have to complete for your classes?
  • How much time will each of these tasks require?
  • How much time can you afford to devote to these tasks between now and when they are due? Is it sufficient?

Make a plan for how to budget your time, including Thanksgiving Break and the last days of class (Nov. 28-Dec. 6), as well as during exams (Dec. 6-13). If you need to schedule time off work, talk to your boss now instead of waiting until the last minute, when your stress level will be highest.

If you need additional resources to study or complete your projects — like research materials from the library, clarification from a professor, or contact information from a study partner — get those before the break starts. Being prepared will increase your focus when you study and help you avoid pulling all-nighters as you complete your assignments.

Gather study materials before Thanksgiving Break starts. Alkek Library will be closed Thanksgiving Day, as well as Friday and Saturday, Nov. 25-26.

The break also is a good time to review assigned reading or class notes that will be covered by your exams. If you’re heading home for Thanksgiving, ask a family member to help you review. If not, schedule time to study with a classmate in San Marcos or via Skype. The more you review ahead of your exams, the better you’ll know the material during your finals.

For additional study help, visit the Texas State Student Learning Assistance Center, better known as SLAC. Find SLAC on the fourth floor of Alkek Library and on Facebook. You can review previous study tips articles from SLAC featured on the Texas State Blog by clicking here.

Remember: Your hard work now will pay off at the end of the semester. Enjoy your break, and make the most of your time.

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