Bobcat Voices: Finals Advice

Bobcats share advice on tackling
exams with knowledge, sanity intact

Woman studying in library

Bobcat exam advice? "Study slowly. Don't cram. Get enough sleep."

Classes are over; now it’s time for finals. We asked the Texas State community to share their advice on preparing well for final exams. We’ve compiled their suggestions and insights to help you finish strong this semester. Good luck, Bobcats!

Christine M. Get eight hours of sleep every night. Cramming the night before and not getting sleep actually brings down your grade. Study over two or three days then review the day of the final to refresh your memory.

Alyssa R. Study a little at a time…don’t cram!

Jennifer V. Don’t cram. Remember, if you don’t know it an hour before the exam, you’re not going to remember it FOR the exam either. Give your mind a bit of a break between studying and taking the test to breathe. You mind is a like a muscle, it needs breaks to function well. Good luck everybody!

Elizabeth M. Write it, don’t type it. Teach it to someone else.

Timothy R. I just passed my graduate comps today and found out to study slow and steady. Get plenty of sleep. No all-nighters.

Paula L. I prefer to go to bed early and get some rest, and then wake up like at 4 a.m. and start fresh.

Sweets U. Use your time wisely, do your best, and you will always meet your goals.

Gabriel D. Show up.

Alex S. Dress comfy, like hoodie and sweatpants comfy. And get a good amount of stretching in.

Maxfield B. El Charro has the best breakfast tacos to fill your belly before a test.

John B. Start with a nice big dinner at Herbert’s.

Scott M. I studied 45 minutes, rested for 20. I tried not to cram.

Howard S. ‎Scott M., that is actually a good strategy. Because of time constraints, I used to study for 20-30 minutes, sleep for about 15, get-up and repeat the process. It’s LOUSY for long-term learning, of course. You’ll do better if you study in frequent, short-sessions in the weeks leading up to the exam and won’t have to double-fist the Red Bulls or Quad Venti Lattes.

Michael B. I used to study in the laundry room of the dorm. Dryers blocked out noise and lots of laundry got done.

Howard S. This is a wee bit outside the box but….Invent a time-machine so you can go back and do the studying you SHOULD have been doing for the past two months so that you don’t find yourself having to cram eight chapters into 11 days because you decided it would be okay to take that class’s second and third exams PLUS the final all during the final exam period.

Vanessa G. Legend has it that if you go to the statue in the Quad and rub the stallions, you’ll get A’s on your exams! All of the old school alumni know this; they use teach it at orientation! Try it, kids, it just might work — it did for me! God bless you, Texas State!

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