Holidays: Best Wishes for Bobcats

From Old Main to you, Bobcats share
their holiday wishes with the world

Menorah with candles lit for third night of Hanukkah

Lauren Hermes L. To the new generation of Bobcats, I hope you make as many lasting and cherished memories and friends as I did in the wonderful world of San Marvelous! Happy holidays!

Breanna M. I hope everyone enjoys quality time with their loved ones. When you’re in college, you realize how important they truly are. So soak it up, Bobcats. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Susie D. Enjoy family time, good food and no more finals! Remember hard work pays off! Way to go Bobcats!

Amanda L. I wish peace and love to all, and for all to remember that greater times are always ahead of us. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Bobcats!

Davian Kristine C. I wish people would show a little more recognition for Hanukkah, too. But I hope everyone has a happy holiday season. 🙂

Hector L. World peace and feed the people from Africa.

Greg H. Eyes that won’t leave me blind.

Adrian Omar R. More lemon Pledge.

Kendall D. Safe travel to all.

Vianney M. Joy, health and love in your life — enjoy family time. You are the future of our country, we are proud of you. Merry Christmas, Bobcats!

Abram G. As an alumnus, I miss hanging out with my family at the Catholic Student Center. They are such wonderful people and I think about them daily. I wish everyone there a merry merry Christmas from Disney World! Eat ’em up, Cats!

Powerful Paz Enjoy one month of a normal life, then back to school. 😉

IsaiahReed I hope everyone gets some well-deserved rest.

tarainthecage I wish my fellow Bobcats safe travels and dean’s list grades.

jujocavaldes I hope everyone gets a good rest and comes back refreshed for a new semester! Happy holidays, Bobcats!

Post your holiday wishes in the comments here or on the Texas State Facebook page, or Tweet your wishes to us @txst with the #txstholiday hashtag.

One response to “Holidays: Best Wishes for Bobcats

  1. Timothy Retzloff

    Marry Christmas to all the fellow and former Bobcats out there. May you have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year! Best Wishes.

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