Happenings: Job Search Bootcamp

Atten-tion! Job Search Boot Camp trains Bobcats to tackle success

Close up of job application form

It's time to start your search!

Job searching can be as tiring as scrambling over an obstacle course. On Tuesday, Feb. 28, train yourself to endure the process — and see success — at the Job Search Boot Camp with Texas State’s Career Services from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom.

Are  you ready for the challenge?

At Tuesday’s event, hear from employers about the importance of interviewing, professional dress, résumé writing and social media networking. Once you’ve been through all the stations, you’ll have the opportunity to execute what you’ve learned by speed interviewing with employers.

What can you do to prepare for the Job Search Boot Camp as well as your job search? See some resources below, and good luck, Bobcats!

1. Put the “me” in résumé.

According to Career Services representative Allison Birk, your resumé is your selling point to your employer. Put your best foot forward with resources on the Texas State Career Services website, including: an example résumé, helpful links, and a 48-hour online review service. Catch more tips at the Job Search Boot Camp with opportunities to get feedback from employers.

2. Find your opportunity.

Getting started on the job search may be daunting, but Career Services can help you through. Gather some preliminary tips on the Career Services website including online job search information, job lists and helpful links.

3. Dress to impress!

Looking sharp is half the battle to sealing the deal in an interview. For more interviewing tips, check out a Career Services Interview Prep Packet here. Test your skills in person at the Job Search Boot Camp!

For more information about the Job Search Boot Camp or Texas State’s Career Services, go here or call 512-245-2645.

One response to “Happenings: Job Search Bootcamp

  1. This was a well thought out blog that I feel can help thousands in this hard economic time.

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